The Eighth Annual Global Conference on Environmental Taxation
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For a complete list of papers see the conference programme.
The programme is also available for download as a PDF-File: Download.

Special Workshop hosted by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ)

Abstracts sorted by workshop:

Impacts of Environmental Fiscal Reforms and other Market-Based Instruments

Workshop 1: EFR and Construction, Land Use and Conservation
Workshop 2: The Double Dividend: Effects of Environmental Taxation on Employment
Workshop 3: Effects of EFR on technological innovation
Workshop 4: Impacts on competitiveness and industry
Workshop 5: Case Studies in Environmental Fiscal Reform
NGO-Workshop 6: Campaigning and Communication

Policy Design, Public Choice and Governance

Workshop 1: Policy Design and Public Choice
Workshop 2: Environmental Fiscal Reform and other MBIs in the EU
Workshop 3: Policy reviews: learning for the future
Workshop 4: Institutional complexity: issues of federal, municipal and local government
NGO-Workshop 6: Policy Proposals for a Low-Carbon Future

Innovation, Technology and Employment: Energy

Workshop 1: Price and tax incentives: theory and practice
Workshop 2: Energy efficiency and environmental fiscal reform
Workshop 3: Impacts of environmental fiscal reform on emissions from energy
Workshop 4: Environmental Fiscal Reform and Renewable Energies
Workshop 5: International Issues - Cross-Sectoral Questions

Innovation, Technology and Employment in the Transport Sector

Workshop 1: EFR, biofuels, and environmentally harmful transport subsidies
Workshop 2: Policy analysis: Country case studies of environmental taxation in the transport sector
Workshop 3: Road traffic management and market based instruments
Workshop 4: Global Vision: Global Market-Based Solutions to Climate Change
Workshop 5: Resource taxation, resource management and sustainability